Pygmalion Of Cyprup

A secret affair turning out not that secret!
A magic serum to produce milk for a lifetime!
Cycle of anthro honey bee life with detailed mating ritual!
Horse-themed Pool Party at Paimon's mansion - a memorable experience in summer!!
A weird story about an infamous knight who was cursed by a dragon and a mysterious dragon scholar
How to make yourselves art - beginner friendly classes! Choose your favorite workshop and join now!
Episode 2 of the tangle relationship between a normal executive officer and a mystery graphic designer!
Paw, tail, fangs and fur! Enjoy the meowgical gift from the famous Diva Ethel die Katze!
Get a glimpse of my 4-year tf journey with high-quality comics, sequences and idea sketches!
Exploring gender role in a roleplay scenario with a noble man and a red-light district dancer!
A 24-page guide to banish demons inside you!
The world is changing and so are you! Be a star!
A full Glowing Package at the spa with the best treatment!
Ordering or join a workshop to be your best cake-self!
Random Tf sequences with high quality illustrations
Customize your appearance and get match with your perfect partner NOW!
Find out about a mysterious shop specified in transform curses, sicknesses and more
A high-class noble has a secret love affair with a red-light district dancer
Here’s the place for you to duel other wizards and witches!
You'll receive magick and cosmic horror in a horny pack!
31-page comic by Pygmalion Of Cyprup
Aquarium only about mermaids and merfolks!
Paimon is hiring maids and butlers for his mansion to prepare for his Feasts from now on.
Valentine edition of a famous demon strip club!
Dragon and his enchanted treasure! Do you think you can win both??
16-page magazine showing the secret of model community!
A car crash led to a catastrophic experience at an enchanted farm!
Rumour going around about a contractor of the Devil whose one touch can turn you into a girl!
Become the most beautiful flower in the garden!
A secret auction is organized to sell some ancient magical treasure from a mystery sea. Claim your favorite item!
Find Easter egg in the Easter garden and receive gifts from the Easter bunny!
Still single in valentine? Want a date with a hot guy/girl? Cupid’s matching service is ready to serve you.
The snow queen is coming to town and give presents to good kids so make up a line and wait for her to visit!
The story is about Paimon, a demon count, who is going to transform all the guest appearing at his party in to demons.

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